Monday, April 11, 2011

McFatty Monday!

I'm sitting here eating mini chocolates.

But I ran earlier.

for 20 whole minutes.

and I'm only eating 2 pieces.

So, that's how this week has gone, in a nut shell. After 2 & a half weeks of counting every single thing I put in my mouth & only eating 1,500 calories & seeing no changes on the scale, I gave. 

Apparently it doesn't matter if you're only eating 1,500 calories if those calories are coming from pizza and cookies.

Who knew?

However, I really like keeping the spreadsheet of what I eat because it's surprisingly easy for me to be like oh, a little trail-mix after breakfast won't hurt, a cookie with lunch isn't that big of a deal, some chocolate chips after dinner won't matter & then before I know it, I've eaten like 1,000 calories in just crap not including meals. 

So, I'm gonna keep doing the spreadsheet & I promise to get back to blogging about weight when I'm home & have more options for meals than pizza and fries.

 Until then my friends, take more walks & eat less mac n' cheese.

Fatty Love. 



christine donee said...

do the calories count if you're.. say... eating mac & cheese at 1 am but super sleepy so you can't really remember it??

Lyryn said...

I think it's always great to track what your eating. My sister-in-law Loveoflife is doing weight watchers and she looks fabulous!!! Keeping track is great!