Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Sugar Overdose

I don't even remember when it started, really. Probably two years ago.

This fog inside me that could not be lifted - this utter exhaustion I could never overcome. And after such a long period of exhaustion, I got depressed. I got frustrated thinking my roommate probably just thought I was the laziest person in existence - only getting out of bed for scheduled obligations, like class and photo shoots and retreating back there as soon as I returned. I got sad that I could no longer cross off my to do list like I used to and ultimately, sadly, I got fat, because I barely had the energy to go to work and class, let alone workout and make proper food for myself.

I went to the doctor last summer and he wanted to test me for Fibromyalgia and some other auto-immune diseases, but I had, had so many expensive tests that all turned up negative, I was skeptical to take such a drastic measure. Plus, I wasn't sick, I was just tired.

I went to a natural healer in a town nearby mine and complained of being tired and she'd always chalk it up to a virus that would get better soon, so I'd wait, never actually getting the energy I wanted.

Finally, about three weeks ago, a girl in one of my classes told a story about being gluten intolerant and how she had been so tired before the diagnosis, her mom just thought she was a lazy kid. "Ok, I thought, maybe I'm gluten intolerant too".

 So, I started researching and asking Facebook if anyone was gluten free. Miraculously, a girl I know from church messaged me saying she had just gone gluten free at the recommendation of a holistic nurse here in Indianapolis and felt amazing.

I made the appointment.

I called and did the usual, "hi, I have these symptoms, can you see me next week?" To my dismay, she told me she was booked up a year and a half in advance and could only get me in on cancellations. AND the two dates she had the soonest were days right before two very important weddings in my life - one out of town and one being my mom's. So, the soonest I could get in would be July 14. I felt discouraged again.

Hours later, I called her on a whim asking that if maybe she had a cancellation sooner she would let me know. and a miracle happened .... she called the next day saying she had a cancellation the next week and could I be there. "Um, yes, no matter what is on my calendar, I'll be there."

At that point, I was suffering from all day stomach aches that could not be relieved and kept me in my bed even more than usual, if that was possible.

It wasn't long after I arrived that the diagnosis was made: Candida Overgrowth.

I'll be honest, many less qualified people had told me I probably had Candida Overgrowth, but I was so afraid of the diet, I didn't want to believe them. And plus, it had to be something more.

Nope, just simply too much sugar causing yeast to grow in my body at a rapid rate which made me exhausted, my body inflamed causing sore joints, depression & anxiety and more.

So, we did the holistic treatments (which I'll save for another day ... it's a long story, but I KNOW it worked) and she sent me on my way with strict instructions to have absolutely zero sugar for the next 25 hours - not even toothpaste - and then the Candida diet. 

The Candida diet Excludes this: 
 - Dairy products (excluding unsweeteened yogurt which is allowed )
- Yeast products such as bread, baked goods, pastries, crackers, beer and wine.  (Ezekiel bread and pasta products which are of sprouted grains are allowed) 
- Substitute lard, Crisco, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils, sunflower oil, soybean, cottonseed and corn oils with EVOO
- Fruit or juices (except berries)
- Peanuts, peanut butter & other seed (nuts & nutbutters are permitted as long as they're roasted)
- Mushrooms
- Marbled meats, all processed meats, bacon, corned beef & ham
- potato chips & all fried foods
- all simple sugars - sucrose, fructose, malt sugar, honey, date sugar, molasses, turbinado sugar
- Condiments such as soy sauce, catsup, mayo, bbq sauce & MSG
- Leftover food in general
-Regular coffee, instant coffee & teas of all sorts including herbal teas

... Whew! ...

So, it kind of seems like I can't eat anything but I can. I eat a lot of meat, vegetables, eggs, berries, almond milk & butter & ezekiel bread. 

And, would you believe me, the sugar addict, doesn't even really miss it?

ok, let's be real, I miss wine.

But honestly, it took about four days of "cleaning out" and I feel absolutely amazing. I have energy I haven't had in years. I haven't had one day of achy joints. My clothes already fit better. My stomach is not bloated.
oh, I added a probiotic too.

All this after one week of doing this. one. week. Oneweek.

I really only have to follow this Candida diet strictly (and yes, sometimes I throw some shredded mozzarella on my eggs or add salsa to them) until the Candida is all out of my body, which could take up to 2 months, but honestly, I have no desire to turn back.

I am beyond thankful that the stars aligned & God intervened and I found the holistic nurse (who is an RN), Jude, and found a simple, holistic cure for my ailments.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have, recognizing I'm a rookie at this! I think everyone could probably benefit from cutting sugar from their diets.