Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Things.

I got up early & walked this morning before my mom went to work, which consequently, made me really really happy. A morning walk, before it gets too hot & before the hustle and bustle starts, just always stats my day right. Always when I do it, I mean - which is rarely. But anyway, since I woke up on the very right side of the bed, I thought I'd write a little post about things that are currently making me really happy.

I'm going to Disney World in three days!!

While Drew & I were hanging out yesterday, I asked him what he thought of me wearing a dress to Disney World one day. You know, not anything fancy, just a cute little cotton dress. To me, that sounds like a great idea for a 100 degree day. To him, apparently, that sounds like a terrible idea. But, after all, I'm going to be in the presence of princesses, I need to fit in. I will never, ever, ever be too old for Disney World & I'm so excited to be leaving to meet Drew there in three days. It will be our second trip together & even better than the first, I'm sure.


I was so, so not meant for Indiana in terms of the weather we get here. For May, June, July, August & a bit of September, I love it here. But, winters are hard. I thrive on sunshine. I need it like a person needs air. So thank God for the sunshine we've been having lately, because it has made me one happy camper.

A shopping trip by myself today.

Last week, I fit four shoots in, in three days & then flew off to North Carolina to shoot a wedding on the weekend. I bounced from house to house (and was so thankful to my family for letting me stay with them), slept on couches & rarely had a moment to myself. While I was gone, my puppy, Lucy, had to have her tail amputated which means this week, we can't leave her by herself even for five minutes because she has to have the stitches in for at least a week & she will rip them out. So, I'm with her all day every day while my mom is at work and then when my mom gets home, I leave for a shoot & come home to edit. Needless to say, I'm so thankful I'm going to get some fun, alone time today. My mom's boyfriend is going to come stay with Lucy while I go out. Sometimes, having a puppy is like having a child & my love for alone time is why I'm childless. among other reasons, obviously

A happy, back-to-normal mom.

For awhile before Granddad died at the end of April, I really questioned whether I would ever get my old mom back. She was stressed, depressed & always sick. It was awful and I was truly scared. She was at her lowest weight ever scary low and she rarely seemed happy. But, as sad as it is to have lost Granddad, having him finally at peace has been such a stress relief for my mom. And, she got really proactive about getting into all natural supplements and finally, finally, she's not sick anymore. She's even so healthy, she's started selling the supplements. When she feels good, I feel good.

This guy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... growing up with someone is hard, but Drew & I are finally getting it. We're getting compromise & what it means to be in a really good, intentional relationship. I'm really, really looking forward to our trip together next week to Disney & the next week to North Carolina.

Business is thriving. Moreover, my clients have seemed thrilled lately, which just makes my heart sing. I've worked my booty off getting this thing going & the fruits of my labor are abundant. When you've worked really hard for something, success feels even better.

I think I could go on all day about things that have made me happy lately, but I'll stop because you're probably bored. But anyway, what has been making you happy lately? Have you thought about it?? I promise, just thinking about the little things makes life so much sweeter.


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Cameron said...

I LOVED getting to see you, even for just a little while! I hope everything went great at the wedding!