Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make me want to crawl under the table.

Here I am again, joining the link-up with Jenni & today we're blogging about things that make us uncomfortable

When I get uncomfortable, I want to literally crawl under the table. literally. And there are a couple things that make me so uncomfortable I want to do that.

Let's get this party started, shall we?

Since I just opened with that old, not funny saying, I'll start with one thing that makes me super uncomfortable & that's when someone tells a joke in a setting with a lot of people & no one laughs. I mean, doesn't that make you just want to crawl under the table for them??

Also, sex talk around the parents. One time, Drew's family & I were talking about him as a baby and he was very colicky – I said it was too bad they didn't have a vibrating seat. Which, naturally, his mom followed up with, "No, you don't put your vibrator in the seat", or something like that. Ummm hellllooooo I wanted to die right then & there.

And the last thing that makes me super uncomfortable is people arguing in public. I mean what am I supposed to do while you're arguing? Yeah, let me just hide under the table for a bit.

What makes you uncomfortable? Some of the same things, I'm sure.


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an old boyfriend in college took me home to meet his family. he got into this major fight with his sister at the dinner table. i was so incredibly uncomfortable i left the next morning. i was just sitting there eating my chili while there was yelling across the table. pretending it wasn't happening. but boy did i know it was happening!