Saturday, May 4, 2013

The final resting place.

We left Granddad in his final resting place yesterday & the twenty-one gun salute was, as always, heart-wrenching. It's just so touching to know these men were there to honor my granddad - something he fought so hard for. And he did fight hard for this. He was in two wars.

We laid him to rest in a beautiful cedar casket next to my grandma and finally, he's at peace.

My uncle & his granddaughter.
 My uncle & my mom.
 My mom & great aunt – my grandpa's oldest sister.

My grandpa's youngest brother & his wife

Last night, after we came home from the funeral and a dinner at church, we all gathered outside around, under a lit umbrella with blankets. We told stories of Granddad & laughed. This is the kind of thing family is for. Our neighbor joined us too, but she's more family than neighbor. 

It's times like this that despite being so sad, we feel so loved & I think we should make it our goal to pass on the good fortune and show our family and friends how loved they are during these times – times that are inevitable yet dreadful.

We love you granddad; we'll see you again someday.

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