Friday, May 17, 2013

Maid of Honor here.

I've been wanting to take a little break from the Blog Every Day in May challenge to talk a little about my trip to North Carolina last weekend & the wedding I was in while I was there, but I didn't really know when a good time would be to do that.

Well, since today's topic is favorite photo, I thought I'd choose today to talk about the wedding.

Obviously we took a lot of pictures last weekend & even though they're not my ALL TIME FAVORITE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD, I thought the two topics went well together.


When my beautiful cousin Morgan got engaged, I hoped she would ask me to be in her wedding but she has a lot of friends so I wasn't certain I would be in it and I certainly didn't think I'd be the Maid of Honor. Imagine my surprise when she asked me to be the one to stand right next to her on her wedding day! I was both thrilled & shocked. Mostly, thrilled though - she's truly one of my best friends & one of the best people I know.

Finally, after almost a year and a half of waiting, Morgan married her best friend, Brian, in her parent's back yard in North Carolina last weekend. It was absolutely perfect. Many people at the wedding were super nostalgic because about 30 years ago, her aunt & uncle got married in his parent's back yard too. I know I already said it but, the ceremony & festivities were perfect and everything a southern weddin' should be.

Morgan's parents, aunts & uncles, friends, brother & she and Brian worked on getting their landscaping perfect from nearly the day they got engaged until the day of the wedding. Five huge gum trees were removed, 50 bails of straw were brought in for around the trees & gazillions of flowers were planted and hand watered. It was quite the feat.

But it was so worth it.

My mom & I flew in to Raleigh on Friday & although we missed the bridal tea (and mimosas) we made it in time for the rehearsal to which Morgan wore her mom's old wedding dress she had shortened & changed a bit. It was a really cool idea.

 The rehearsal dinner was fun, the food was great & everyone told stories about Morgan and Brian that made us all laugh.

All the bridesmaids spent the night at Morgan's parents house that night and hit the ground running at 8 am Saturday morning. I slept with Morgan that night so I was up for good at 7:30 when she finally threw in the towel on sleeping because she was too excited.

The wedding day was so fun.

I loved that Morgan chose to only have family in her wedding party. Since all my cousins live in North or South Carolina, I sometimes feel a bit left out & unconnected, but the whole wedding day was truly a bonding time and I loved it.

Finally, at five o'clock, the ceremony happened & besides the little flower girl stepping through the handle of her basket and moving it all the way over her head, everything went perfectly. (and even that was perfectly hilarious)

In good southern fashion, the reception was at an old, refurbished tobacco barn where people shagged & ate barbecue and drank sweet tea.

Despite coming down with a sinus infection that day, I danced my rear off, holding the little flower girl, Langley, most of the time.

Around nine, Morgan & Brian left the building to head off to the Virgin Islands for their honeymoon and after a little bit of clean up, I fell in bed and didn't get up until the next day around noon.

If there are two things I love, they're love & family. That's right, I love love & I love family. Therefore, I love weddings and I couldn't be more thankful that Morgan asked me to be her Maid of Honor and that I got to be there for her through this whole celebration.

I'm blessed!

We all helped Morgan go to the bathroom one last time before the ceremony. What a funny task.

One of the little flower girls, Marley, & I before the wedding. She was so sweet.

The fiance of Morgan's Brother, Justin, & I. I love Susan so much, I would marry her. Good choice, Justin!

A picture of a picture of Langley & I. Poor baby almost had an asthma attack at the reception but didn't want to miss out on dancing so I toted her around the whole time. I love this pumpkin to pieces.


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Ragan said...

This was such a sweet post, I'm sure you were the perfect maid of honor :) Congrats to the bride and groom!