Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I should be embarrassed but mostly, I'm laughing.

You know what pisses me off? When I take my car into the shop & get it back only for them to tell me they can't find anything wrong with it when I KNOW there's something wrong with it.

Last week, I took my car into the shop because when I would try to get it above 50 mph., the RPMs would go up around 4500 and it just wouldn't go. It also wouldn't coast.

I went to pick it up two days later and they told me everything was fine but they put a little transmission fluid in and it should be better. That news left me pretty happy because truly, I did not want a new transmission for my birthday, even though they did charge me $95.00 to tell me that.

Well my happiness quickly shifted to frustration when I drove it home and had the same exact problem.

Just in case you wondered, I am not afraid of confrontation and I am certainly not afraid of it when it involves me throwing away $95.00 for nothing. So, I called that shop right back and said in no uncertain terms, "umm helllooooooo there is DEFINITELY something wrong with my car and how you didn't find it is a mystery to me but I think I should get my money back". Apparently that guy has dealt with one or two pissed off women because he happily refunded my money and said all the right things.

So then I called AAA (which is a godsend and worth the annual membership fee in case you were wondering) and told them there was no way I could drive it back home to Columbus to the repair place I trust and I needed it towed. Which happened.

Imagine how pissed I was when even that place told me they checked out my car and it was fine ... super pissed.

I KNEW there was something wrong with it.

Turns out? yeah. there was something wrong with it.

My gear shift is on the console & the guide that says, D, R, 1, 2 ... etc., was broken and the whole time? I was driving in second gear.

Yep. Driving in second gear.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

I should be incredibly embarrassed but mostly, I'm just laughing because wow.

just wow.

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Anonymous said...

AAA, Better than any man.