Monday, July 23, 2012

How To: Facebook Cover Photo

The change that came to Facebook in the spring with the cover photos and timeline might have seemed like one big annoyance then but it can actually be kind of fun if you want it to be (and have photoshop).

I got a wild hair this weekend & decided to make a fun cover photo for myself & it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. So, since it was easy & I love it, I thought I'd share a little how-to.

I'm sure there are ways to do it if you don't have photoshop but I'm not sure about that so for these directions, you'll need some version of it.

First, you'll need to download the template here.

Then, decide what kind of a theme you want & what background that might entail. You can go to google & type in almost anything. For mine, I just typed in "Chevron". You want to choose an image that is large so it won't pixilate when you put it in your template.

When you've saved the image & opened it again in photoshop, select your move tool & move your background into the template.

 If you want to re-size it, go to edit, transform & then scale. When you're re-sizing your picture, hold down shift to keep it proportionate.

Once you have your background, decide what pictures or words you want to add and do all the things I just described again for each picture. You can find other background pictures like the chevron one to add to your cover photo & make different layers - I used a coral background to put my words on. When you are trying to move things around, make sure you have the correct layer selected in your layers pallet.

When you're finished, just make sure you save it as a jpeg & then upload it to your Facebook.

 It's a really easy way to make your page a little more fun, amiright?

Yes, I can make you one & yes, I accept payment in the form of coffee & flowers.


Haley said...

Love it! I agree, it was easy to be hesitant to like the cover photo feature but it really does have a lot of possibilities! xo.

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