Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel

Two weekends ago, I got to live out a childhood dream and stand by Megan while she got married.

Megan & I shared a nanny for a couple summers and were best friends all throughout school & I very clearly remember us running around in her living room one summer day talking about our weddings.

I wasn't the little girl who dreamed about her wedding all the time but Megan & I talked about ours that day and I asked if I'd be her maid of honor. She reminded me that her sister would be the maid of honor but that I would be a bridesmaid and two weekends ago, I was - standing right next to her sister.

It's such a weirdly amazing feeling when your long-time friend has one of the happiest days of her life & you're right there to witness it. If you haven't felt that feeling yet, I hope you do.

I walked down the isle as a bridesmaid all cool cucumber but when I got up to the front of the church, I saw one of the only crying people in the crowd - my mom. My mom who had picked me up from Megan's house from millions of sleepovers & days with the babysitter. And then Megan started walking down the isle with her dad - her looking like something out of a bridal magazine & he the most handsome I had ever seen him. I couldn't fight back the tears. I was a snotty, teary mess by the time we walked out & the groomsmen I walked out with quietly asked me if I'd be okay.

People laughed with me when we all got out about how teary I was but really, I don't think anyone understood. Well, except maybe Megan. I was just so, so happy for her & it's so surreal to be there when someone you've been friends with for that long just, I don't know, grows up in front of your eyes.

Megan is such an amazing girl - one of the most loving, enthusiastic moms I've ever seen & a laid-back, easy-going wife, happy wife too. I could take a lesson or two.

Not only was I there for Megan's day, I also brought my camera along & snuck in between the photographer changing lenses to snap some treasures of my own. - & treasures they are. I'm printing these all & keeping them forever.

My megan - a beautiful bride - I couldn't have asked for anything more for her.



Unknown said...

such pretty pictures! you made me all teary-eyed reading this. i'm maid of honor in a wedding in one month and i know i won't be able to hold it together AT ALL. how i'm going to do a speech? HA.

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Awesome pictures! Loved the bridesmaid dress!