Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So What Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew for "So What Wednesday" because sometimes, you just have to let go and say ... So what? or my favorite, "who gives?"
  • So what if I haven't done this link-up in months - I call the shots around here & I feel like saying "so what" to some things this week.
  • So what if my nightly routine now includes a glass of wine? Personally, I'd rather drink a small glass of wine to sleep well than take some kind of meds. And right now, I need a little help sleeping.
  • So what if one of the best parts of every evening is going on a walk or working out with my mom?
  • So what if I stop at Starbucks every morning before work? If I didn't stop there, I would buy coffee at work or die at my desk & it's a $2 daily addiction I'm willing to feed ... literally.
  • So what if the only thing getting me out of bed each day is knowing that I'll be on the beach in two weeks?? (okay and the paycheck helps)
  • So what if I'm seriously considering driving to my church in Indy for Sunday morning services this week? I really miss that place.
  • So what if I haven't made one thoughtless, irresponsible decision in a really, really long time? That's just not how I roll. Although sometimes I wish Iit was.
Sometimes you just have to say, "so what?", to some things. Really, it's good for the soul. It's good for my soul anyway.

What are you saying, "so what" to this week?


Unknown said...

Girl, you're doing what it takes to make YOU happy and that's awesome :) It's so cute you look forward to walking or working out with your mom. What an awesome time to bond! And going to starbucks every day, um YAY! That's instant happiness right there with a green straw. Congrats on the responsible decisions lol! You're doing awesome!

Melissa said...

This whole wine thing? True. And I can speak as someone who spent 4 years on sleeping medication, so I totally understand.

And everything else? Just do what makes you happy. I bet that drive to Indy will be worth it after your church services :)