Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Real Life

Well, it's official. My life as I knew it is over.

I don't go out on the weeknights anymore, 11 o'clock is a late bed time & my idea of "fun" is a lunch date.

I started my first real job ever last week.

 I'm the marketing intern at a rather large company & no, that doesn't mean I'm making copies and getting coffee for my boss.


I've been there four days & already I'm set up for two, maybe three, business trips,  I have to present to ten people next week & I left shaking yesterday wishing I was a smoker or an alcoholic or both.

 but I mean, yeah, its stressful, but it's also really cool to have that responsibility. It's a challenge I kind of welcome & am going to be working really hard to accept & conquer.

In the meantime? pray for me. 

pray for my nerves.


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Kendra // The Darling Blog said...

That's exciting! If I were to ever go back to college, I'd get my degree in Marketing. I find it really interesting :) Good luck!