Friday, May 25, 2012

For What?

So you get a big fancy job and are able to buy a lot of big fancy things because of it. Or you move to New York City and become best friends with celebrities. Or maybe you're a local celebrity because you're a news woman or man or a radio person.

Of course, I'm making all of these things up but say you do one of these things & it seems pretty big at the time. And some of these things are big & take work & I don't want to discount that but my point is for what?

I mean, so you do all of these things and you climb the ladder & you hang out with famous people or have really nice things but then, eventually, you die & what of those things can you take with you? Nothing.

I know, it's morbid but it's true.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. You know, the for what? Yes, I work hard to have great opportunities, yes my mom has worked hard to give me a lot of them and yes, I'm proud of them but what else am I doing? You know, where am I investing my time outside of the things that I'll have to leave on earth when I'm not here any more? How am I making people feel? What am I doing for my community and the people in it? Am I helping the future generations at all? Because those are the things that will last.

Our world, our culture, is so caught up in all the superficial things there are out there & while they're fun, they're just that - superficial.

I really want people to remember me for more than the great outfits I always wore or the nice car I drove.

I want them to remember that I wore great outfits, drove a nice car and was really nice to people and made a difference in the world.

Let's be honest, I want some of those superficial things but I want more.

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