Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The City: Day One

I've been in The City, you know, New York City, for less than 24 hours now & already, I've learned a few things. 

Let me share.
  • Addison is a rockstar for being a 19-year-old living here by herself. This place is hard. It's big. It's kind of scary. And she rocks at it. She gets on the subway and goes wherever she needs to go without even thinking twice about it. She makes her way around the city like she's never lived anywhere else. And she works to pay her bills and still have money to play all by herself. I'm in total awe.
  • I'm not as independent as I thought I was. I've been told before that I probably thought I was independent but if I ever decided to study abroad, my thoughts would probably change & quick. I got kind of mad about that person saying that, honestly because LOOK AT ME, I AM AN INDEPENDENT SUPERSTAR. But, after a day of being here, I know that person was so right. I'm not studying abroad but I am in a big, new city & I have a few hours alone this morning while Addison works & I'm not sure I'll even venture out of this apartment. It makes me kind of nervous to go alone.
  • People aren't that nice here. I'm from a small town & Butler is like one of the friendliest colleges you could ever want to go to. I say sorry when I bump into someone, I say hi when I see them for the first time - I smile, I hold doors, I chat it up with strangers. People don't do that here. They don't say sorry when they bump into you and they don't expect you to say it either. It's just odd.
  • I could spend a gagillion dollars here. That seems obvious but really, I didn't expect it to be this bad. I'm already nervous to check my account balance & I haven't even been here a full day. That's ridiculous.
  • I'm so glad I did this. No, I could never in a million years  probably don't want to live here but the experience has been amazing and I still have three days left. There is something to  be said, a lot to be said, for stepping out of your comfort zone & seeing how other people live in other places. I think I'll go home knowing more about myself - being more humble in some areas & confident in others. That's a good thing.

I probably won't have anymore alone time, thus time I will want to spend blogging, this week but I have a scheduled post tomorrow that you'll want to come back for & then I'll be back next week with regular programming.

& pictures. of course.


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Anonymous said...

Culture shock, for sure! So glad you are having a good time. I can't imagine living in NYC at my age now, much less being 19 and doing it alone! Go Allison! Enjoy your last few days! :)