Monday, May 14, 2012

Doin' It.

After yesterday's post about Fifty Shades of Gray, you might have clicked on this post hoping for some raunchy details but sadly, I think my words are going to disappoint today if you're looking for that. Today, I want to talk about doin' it, you know instead of just talking about it, doin' it.

I'm not exactly sure what the word is for this kind of action (I think it's called bullshitting but I'm sure there's a better, more polite name for it) but sometimes I do this little thing where I nod my head in agreement knowing full well I'm not going to follow through when someone says something like, "hey! Why don't we go camping this summer?" Or "hey! how about we run a 5k in a month?". I can think of one million reasons why I shouldn't do these out-of-the-norm things: I don't have money, I don't have time to train, I don't really like the outdoors that much, I have to stay home and help my mom watch the grass grow.

I mean, I guess it has to be kind of bad for me to be acknowledging that I do it and yeah, I do.

But this year I've done two big things that I'm proud of myself for doing. There have been two times so far this year when I've surprised myself by following through.

The first, was my trip to Jamaica on Spring Break. I didn't know anyone else who was going at first but I knew that I wanted to go so I signed up and ended up having the time of my life working in the orphanage.

The second? Is that I'm flying to New York City today to stay with my friend Addison in a little apartment where I'll be sharing her bed & we're going to have a blast. And all in this same trip, I'll be visiting a blog friend, Amanda, from Chasing Twins in Louboutins.


I've finally gotten to know myself well enough that I know if I don't jump on something and make it happen, it never will. Because I'll come up with eight hundred excuses as to why I shouldn't. And the worst part is that later on, down the road, I will really regret not doing it and wish I had.

So what things have you been wanting to do that you just haven't?

Listen to me when I say do it. New experiences are fun and you know what?


ha I'm sorry. I really never say YOLO but I had to.


Jill said...

I love your posts like this. AND GOOD FOR YOU!! :) There is absolutely something to be said for just DOING what you say you're going to. Nine times out of ten, you come out on top when you do.

Enjoy your trip! And keep it up. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic attitude. I've decided that yes, sometimes I may regret doing something. But more than likely, I'll regret not doing it. YOLO! ;)