Monday, April 16, 2012

A picnic at The Dairy Farm.

Drew & I have spent nearly seven, yeah I said it, seven years together & therefore, sometimes our life together gets a little .... stale. It's hard when you're 20, broke, and in college. There's not a lot to do that's affordable & that we also have time for. But for me, being bored is the beginning of well ... nothing good ... so I decided to make a little April & May bucket list for us. There's nothing big on the bucket list - in fact, there are things like "go to the movies" and "go get ice cream" (which I won't be doing now) but it gives us good ideas of things to do when we have a little time.

One of the things on the bucket list was, "have a picnic", and I decided Friday was the perfect day to do it. Then, we went to Fresh Market on Thursday & saw yogurt from Trader's Point Creamery & it reminded me that I've always wanted to go there so we decided to have our picnic there. (see, I really am like if you give a mouse a cookie)

Friday ended up not being the perfect weather day for us - kind of overcast - but it was the perfect day none-the-less. Drew loved the picnic, something I never thought would happen, and it was a fun way to switch things up.

We did the self-guided tour and walked all around the grounds seeing the cows and chicken and just talking. He was very patient with me while I took pictures of everything under the sun, too. Then, we came back & had our picnic of pita chips & hummus, fruit, cucumbers & I even got him his favorite green tea from Fresh. We finished our trip up by seeing the cows get milked and having some yogurt straight from the creamery.

It was a really fun day & made me super glad that I took the time, and a little bit of extra effort, to make a bucket list & then follow through.



Alli Norris said...

haha love the picture of drew with his eyes closed

The Gambrel Family said...

beautiful pictures! i love the creamery, such a beautiful area!

Haley said...

What a fun adventure! I love it!

Unknown said...

Looks so cute! Love the pictures :)