Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Tunes

Much to my mom's despise, I love, love, love country music ... don't repeat this, but sometimes I am my father's daughter. And anytime I really want to sing along, country is my go-to. I mean, of course I can sing along to other things but country is the most fun. 

Well, while I was painting my dining room last weekend, I really needed some music to sing a long to so I chose country all day both days.  So basically, I heard every song on the radio more than once. 

And I fell in love with two that I'd like to share with you ...

Happy Friday y'all! 

Mine's going to be super happy with a visit to a dairy farm and a picnic there. Could a Friday get much better? 

Prepare for a photo packed post on Monday! 

1 comment:

Stormy said...

I LOVE country music and A Woman Like You is one of my latest favorites as well!