Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A celebration for everyone!

I don't remember the day Korie told us she was pregnant, but I do remember her laying on the floor in our high school library so we could all feel the teeny tiny baby bump we were all sure wasn't there.

When one of your friends finds out she's pregnant your junior year in high school, it's kind of scary for you & it's super scary for her.

For nine months, we all supported her and besides the time she went out for lunch & girls from the other local high school stared at her until she said she wanted to pull up her shirt and say, "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE?", no one ever said anything less than positive about Korie or the baby.

I would push on her belly during art class to try to get the baby to kick while Drew subsequently freaked out and yelled at me for potentially hurting the baby, and Korie and I would talk about what the baby might look like.

She came to school everyday despite the morning-sickness spells she had on the way in.

And then finally, on April 11, 2009, that sweet baby was born. Korie had her naturally and was sitting in the lobby talking to everyone at 6 cm. dilated.

Of course, the baby, Rilynn Grace, was gorgeous and was and still is the most loved baby around.

And last weekend, she turned three! I can't even believe she's three. I remember sitting in my Physics class with Korie in front of me thinking about the fact that Korie wouldn't be out of college until the baby was five and that seemed so far away. So, it's pretty hard to fathom that we're already over halfway there.

As I was walking up to her little party on Sunday, I couldn't help but think about how her birthday really is a celebration for everyone. It's a celebration for Korie who has worked so hard to raise such a smart, beautiful, well taken care of little girl. It's a celebration for all of us, because I feel like we all grew a little with her birth - matured a little - and we've all watched her grow and even helped at times.

Rilynn Grace will forever be a reminder that sometimes the scariest things are the biggest blessings and I will always think of her birthdays as a celebration for all of us.

I mean seriously, how cute can one three year old be?

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