Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In an effort to eat healthier, I went to the health-food store and had a little look around. Well actually, I went there to get peanut-butter I love but that's neither here nor there. So anyway, I picked up a couple things I'd like to share with you.

#1  Greek Yogurt: When I heard about greek yogurt I thought it was going to be super gross and was fine with American yogurt, thank you very much. But, I've been branching out a little these last couple weeks so I decided to buy just one 6 oz. Chobani and see if I liked it. Well heavens-to-betsy, I'm glad I did!! Sure, it's a little bit thicker than regular yogurt but it's kind of a welcome change to me. Beside the thickness difference, regular yogurt & Greek yogurt taste exactly the same. But they're not the same inside, see ...

Activia Blueberry Yogurt (4 oz.)
calories: 110
fat: 2 g
carbs: 19g
protein: 4g

Chobani Blueberry Yogurt (6 oz.)
calories: 140
fat: 0 g
carbs: 20 g
protein: 14 g

So it's all the same taste with a few more calories, one more carb, and more than tripple the protein! Protein is what keeps you full, ya know? I eat a little cup for breakfast & sometimes I could use a snack between breakfast & lunch, depending on how early I eat breakfast, but most of the time, I'm just fine. It works great as a filling snack too. Plus it's only 3 weight-watchers points! That's a total win!!

Basically, eating Greek Yogurt is like eating a protein bar only it has the good stuff yogurt has like pro-biotics, other good bacterias & yeast. (which we, as women, want)

# 2 Justin's Honey Peanut Butter Packets: Justin's peanut butter is the absolute best peanut butter I've ever, ever tasted & it's super natural with only 4 ingredients (the less ingredients the better).

So, while I was at the health-food store to buy the jar of peanut butter, I saw these little packages of it. I actually bought them to send to my brother for him to try but got a little hungry yesterday, realized I had it in my purse & ate one. (sorry Kyle!) I mean, I guess maybe you're not the kind of person who can eat peanut butter on its own but I totally am. If you're not, grab a banana or apple & spread it on there.

The small packages are kind of expensive at 2-for-$1 but it's worth it to me to have something yummy in my purse I can have if I'm out and get hungry to prevent me stopping at Starbucks or some other fast-food place for a calorie, fat loaded, protein-lacking snack.

Find Justin's Peanut Butter Here

Remember, healthy snacks are just as important as meals. If you're waiting a long time in between meals, not only is your metabolism slowing down but you're also more likely to over-eat at meals because you're hungry.

Snack-Up, just make healthy choices!

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Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I recently started buying that greek yogurt too... I love it!