Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Style

I don't usually shop much but as of late, I've learned to use the internet for shopping & I've found a few measly thing I could use to add to my measly wardrobe for spring.




I was just kidding.

I love to shop ... who doesn't? I love to shop so much that usually, it means I have to daydream on online shops because I've already spent the little bit of money I had. And my wardrobe isn't measly. Like, I get pissed at myself every time I have to hang up my clothes or put away a tank top and say, "WHY DO I EVER THINK I NEED MORE ___________" and then usually about a week later, I'm at Target dying for that very thing. 

The only thing measly is the pennies in my wallet.

But dreamin' is free, y'all ... so these are some things I'd love the birthday fairy, or easter bunny, or happy day prince/princess to bring me:

Source: via Ali on Pinterest

Gap $69.95

This is the longest I've gone without a blue jean jacket & I need one. They pull a look together so well.

Source: via Ali on Pinterest

Fossil $88

How adorable are these? I don't know if these would really look that great on me, but I'm willing to try!

Lucky Brand $98 

I just bought this style jeans & I'm totally in love with them. I'd love to have the capris.

Source: via Ali on Pinterest

Loft $44

How happy are these?? And they have a 4 inch inseam ... perfect for girls like me who need a little extra length. 

So there ya go .... the things on my spring want list ... minus shoes ... because that could get a little crazy! 

What are you putting on your spring wishlist?


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