Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nap Dreams.

I'm a dreamer when I sleep. I'm talkin' dreams on dreams on dreams on dreams.

I dream all night!

But as of late, the best dreams I can remember are the ones I've had during naps. 

Yes, I try to fit as many hours of sleep as I possibly can into the day whether its at night or during naps or both.

So anyway, I don't know if my nap dreams are so good because I wake up soon enough to remember them but today, my nap dream was both terrifying and wonderful.

I think it goes without saying I've had some kind of baby fever well .... pretty much since I was born.

I've always loved babies and I've always wanted a little brother or sister. Probably why I told my first grade teacher my mom was pregnant when she wasn't. But that's a different story.

So in this dream I had today, my mom (who is 52 years old, I might add  but ... it's never too late!) had the most beautiful baby boy. My little brother!

Oh my gosh he was so cute. 

And I met her at the airport because apparently she was coming from somewhere else. 

I couldn't keep my hands off his little 3 month old self. I was kissing him all over.

And then she said it was time for us to go so I took him in his car seat to the Tahoe, strapped him in, locked the doors and went 2 seconds away to get her.

But, when I turned around, the Tahoe with the baby was gone!

Naturally, I was absolutely frantic searching for my baby brother but my mom was just ho-humming around calling OnStar and stuff.

I think God knew that dream was way too stressful for me at that point because I woke up and forced myself to stay awake so I wouldn't go back to the dream.

But a baby brother!

So I've decided all I want for my birthday in 3 days is a baby brother ... pretty feasible I think!


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MissAshDG said...

Haha that might be possible lol