Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Granddad Edition

"You know, people get frustrated because their loved ones who have Alzheimer's, oh, he doesn't recognize me anymore, how can I recognize this person, if they don't recognize me? They're not the same person.

Well, they are the same person, but they've got a brain disease. And it's not their fault they've got this disease."

--Ron Reagan



J and A said...

Such a sweet post. :)

Amanda said...

I love the pictures.
My grandfather died a year ago, he had dementia. He had gotten to where he didn't recognize his own kids. However, I am the oldest grandchild (and favorite hehe), and I was determined, the last time I saw him, that I would know he knew who I was. So, I walked in and was just me. I laughed at him, talked to him, just the way we always were when I was growing up. He knew who I was, the whole weekend. He laughed, he spoke better and made more sense than my grandmother had seen him make in months. She said he didn't do that again after I left.
But, because I made sure to be the granddaughter he always knew, my grandmother and I got a glimpse of Papa. He was there. It was amazing.
I went in knowing I could be heartbroken or elated that he remembered me. I think the gamble was worth it.
The pics are lovely, you will cherish them