Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awards aren't usually my thing but I love this!

 I got an awesome award from Stacy at Cardigans & Crayons yesterday!! 

 I'm not usually much for the blog awards but I think this one is pretty cool. It's called the Liebster award which is an award for bloggers with 200 or less followers to encourage others to follow them.

 Liebster is the German word for "beloved" or "dearest" or in this case a "favorite"!

These are the Liebster rules:

1) Show your thanks by linking the sweet person who nominated you.
2) Leave links to 5 of your top blogs and leave a comment letting them know!
3) Post the award on your blog.
4) Enjoy the love!

So without further adieu, here are the people I'm awarding ... 

always. by Shel. 
Shel was my camp counselor once when I was in oh, I don't know? 4th grade maybe. I could go on and on about her but I'll just say this: she's an amazing christian who has been through so much including the deployment of her husband who was then her fiance and more miscarriages than I can count. Just this year, she delivered a baby, Delia, who was born with Anencephaly. This blog is about how Shel copes with losing so many babies, how she continues to be a good momma to her 2 yr. old, Eliza, her faith & her life as a wife. It's a definite must read.

Everyday Moments by Carrie
Carrie is the gorgeous momma of 2 equally beautiful little boys. She writes about her life with them and her husband in Minnesota. Her blogs are always packed full of pictures & good writing & she's really sweet. I always look forward to her posts.

I seriously can't say enough good things about Kenli. In the beginning, I started reading her blog because she's my age & in college. Although I love mommy blogs, sometimes I want to read something I can relate to a little better. It just so turns out, Kenli and I are really good friends now. We facebook/tweet/text ... the whole nine yards. We've done everything but actually meet in person which I'm hoping will happen soon. Until then, I'll continue to text her in the middle of the night if I need to talk because I know she's the one person who will always be awake. Love this girl.

I found this blog through another & I'm so glad I did. Amanda and Cam are living in Okinawa, Japan right now because Cam is in the military. The love of these two? is seriously storybook. And it just so happens that this little island of Okinawa is absolutely the most gorgeous place I've ever seen & Amanda is a great photographer. Marshalls abroad is chalk full of good writing & amazing photographs. What more could you want?

The Gambrel 4 by Andrea
The Gambrel 4 is last on my list but definitely not least. Andrea is the cousin of my roommate, Ashley, & that's how I found this sweet little corner of the internet. Ashley was always showing me pictures of Addi & Gigi, Andrea's two beautiful kids so eventually I decided to start just reading the blog for myself. One thing I'm consistently amazed about is how Andrea & her husband Baron are always doing so many fun things for their kids whether it's taking them to the zoo for Zoo Boo or just making an ordinary sleepover something special for Gigi. I'm always impressed when people take time to make things extra special for their kids. After all, childhood is so short & so sweet ... I think anything a parent can do to make it more memorable is fabulous. Plus, there's a lot of really awesome things about Andrea that I haven't mentioned here. I haven't met her yet but I can tell by her infectious smile that I would love her. 

There ya go folks, 5 of my favorite blogs with 200 followers or less. 

Pass on the love! 



Anonymous said...

Hi there. I found you from 'story of my life' and I'm glad I did. Definitely following ya :)

Unknown said...

thank you so much doll :) before i even read that this was posted, i shot you a text message. i hope everything is going well.. and yes.. i'm always awake. i thought i should try to get that under control, but we all need a friend that is ALWAYS awake, right?!

i love you!

Amanda Marshall said...

ALI! YOU ARE SO SWEET! THANK YOU!!! You have just made my day my dear!!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Andrea is my step sister-in-law and I too love her blog!! Her children are SOO cute!

The Gambrel Family said...

Ali, thank you so much! That was so very sweet. I love blogging and it makes even better when others enjoy reading our blog. I hope the kids will have fond memories of the things we did when they were little. I wish they would always stay little!!

Unknown said...

What a darling blog! You totally deserve the recongnition. Congratulations! I'll be sure to follow your blog.


Brooke Stearns said...

I'm following all their blogs now! :)
Ali you sure are the best!