Thursday, October 27, 2011

SERIOUSLY?!?! Thursday

Ummm well first of all, I seriously cannot even believe it's Thursday. It seems like I was writing this same post 5 seconds ago. 

But it's been a whole week & I'm linkin' up with Becky because I have some things I'm saying SERIOUSLY?!?! to:

  • My sociology keeps giving me B's on papers? Seriously. I'm a competent writer and great reader. Why the eff does he keep giving me B's with just lines drawn all over the paper & no explanation. He's about to see me in his office, that's for sure.
  • On that same note ... 50 point quizes aren't quizes & "short writes" aren't 3-4 pages. Come on, man. Seriously.
  • I babysat last night & the people I babysit for are seriously amazing. They paid me $20/hour and invited me over early for dinner. Amazing.
  • I'm applying for summer internships at legit companies. Wasn't I just starting 1st grade? Seriously
  • A ton of sophomores at Butler are in a class called, "Real Business Experience" so they're all selling stuff everywhere. Make your own trail mix, make your own fro-yo, etc. MMMMMM
  • When I was spending the night with my mom in a hotel the other night, I woke up in the morning kicked my feet up in the air and said, "WOOOOO! I LOVE MY LIFE!", all Julia Roberts-esque, and I do, seriously.



Anonymous said...

Love your Seriously?! post! Come say hi!

xoxox...Hannah @ A Lovely Mess :)

Mrs. Mama said...

you are silly! time does fly by no? and babysitting for 20/hr ddeeee girl thats amazeballs!