Friday, October 28, 2011

Because every kid deserves love.

.... that's why I want to spend my spring break volunteering at a couple orphanages in Mandeville, Jamaica.

I want to help improve the living conditions for the kids in these orphanages by painting & building , I want to bring some joy to them & I want to love on them.

But, the trip is expensive, and as a college student I don't have $1,000 at the ready to go. 

I haven't given up on the idea though, because I know God gave me a passion for children and volunteering for a reason and I want to put those gifts to good use.

So, I'm asking you (& anyone you know who might be interested) to think about donating to the fund for this trip I want to take in March. 

If you're able to donate, even a little, thank you. 

And regardless of whether or not you are able to donate right now, thank you for listening & praying.

This wouldn't be possible without you. 


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