Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 girls & a ghostie.

I've thought our dorm was haunted since the very beginning when I moved in a week before my roommate, Ashley. I would often hear the shower come on when no one was in the bathroom & hear the toilet flush too. It happens all of the time, actually. Lately, even more things have been happening.

Ashley & I watch Chelsea Lately every single night before bed & sometimes we'll be laying there, and the T.V. will go fuzzy or change channels or even turn completely off. 

Usually I remain calm while Ashley's like, "ummmmm Ali .... what the heck?? I'm scarrrreeeeddddd!" and creeps over slowly to turn the T.V. off & back on. She always has to do it since I'm on the top bunk & it's easier for her to get up. Most of the time when we turn it off & back on, it's fine. 

The other day, I don't remember what happened, but we decided to name our "ghost". Ashley wanted to name her Bernice and I wanted to name her Bethany. So naturally, we did what any other good roommates would do and we compromised. 

I introduce to you .... Bernethany.

Today when Ashley & I were walking to class, the door just opened for us. We know it was Bern just doin what a good ghosty friend would do & opening the door for us. 

This might be a two person dorm, but Bernethany isn't a person, she's a ghost. & she lives here too. 



Carley Woodard said...

Is that Esther from the movie Orphan? That movie was on LMN the other night and it FREAKED me out!

Whim Wham Life said...

Gahhhh! What?! This is freeeeaky!

Kelly said...

Cute blog! New visitor, can't wait to read more!