Friday, October 14, 2011

Girls Who Run The World

I wouldn't say I'm a feminist, but I do definitely believe in the power of a good strong woman. 

Can I get an amen?? 

That being said, Beyonce's 'Girls Who Run The World' song is one of my favorite songs in a long time.

& after listening to it 1,800 times a few times, I decided to make a list of the female celebrity's I love. Are any of your favorites on here? 

1. Beyonce: because, obviously. She's brilliant, independent, strong & still classy. Plus she's about to produce the 2nd most special baby after Jesus, Baby Jay-Once.

2. Kendra: Okay, I know she isn't the most classy girl in the world, but eh, we aren't all classy all the time are we?? She had a rough start, came out of it & is now married to Hank & has the cutest little boy ever. Plus, she's hilarious I think. 

2. Jennifer Garner: What the perfect girl next door. She's just so cute & classy & everything I wish I was all the time. The best part? no one's ever doing stories on here because she's not crazy enough. I kind of like that about her. 

3. Reese Witherspoon: I think you already know.

4. Julia Roberts: yes, this picture is kind of old but it's from the time of my favorite ever movie, 'Pretty Woman'. Honestly, could a woman get any more beautiful? I think she's made People's most beautiful people like 17 times. Plus, she just seems so sweet & is also never in the news for stupid stuff. Love her.

5. Sandra Bullock: I fell in love with Sandra when she was in 'The Blind Side'. Maybe she's not like her character, but if she is at all? She's my hero. And she went through a pretty nasty divorce with Jesse James recently & the whole time kept her cool. Oh, and adopted the cutest little boy ever from Africa. I think that part's pretty awesome too.

So there you go, the list of my favorite women in fame minus Kate Middleton because I'm running late & forgot to save her picture so she missed out. 

Who are your favorite female celebrities? Are any the same as mine?



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Now I can't stop listening to Beyonce's song thanks to you =) Great post with a great line-up of girls...Happy weekend!