Friday, October 14, 2011

Sometimes plan B works out just fine.

Since Thursday & Friday were my Fall Break, my dad wanted to spend some time with me. 

I found out about Brown County park adding ziplines and with lots of effort, talked him into doing them with me yesterday. 

However, their website sucked and is a liar & one page said the lines were available all day & then when I went to actually book it, it said they were only open at 9 & 11 a.m.. I wasn't able to do either of those, so we just couldn't do it. 

I was really sad.

But, much to my surprise, my dad had plan B when I told him we couldn't do the ziplines ... he wanted to go horseback riding. 


So, we headed out to Brown County yesterday & afternoon & rode horses. 

We had about a 35 minute wait so I brought out my camera and took some pictures. I'm so glad I always have my camera with me, some of these turned out just beautiful! 

I didn't know this, but my dad worked out at this very horse barn when he was a boy, so he has lots of fond memories from that. He really liked telling me all about how he used to spend the night up in the top of the barn and how one Memorial Day (in 1963) they counted 4,000 horses because people brought their own.

I'm really thankful for the times we've been sharing together lately & I know I'll be even more thankful for them down the road.


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Unknown said...

i don't know if you watch pretty little liars, but that looks identical to the place they rode horses at haha.

what a fun time, i'm glad you got to do something exciting with your dad :)