Monday, August 8, 2011

A week from today ...

.... I'll be back in the land of the blue & white ....

You heard correctly, a week from today, I'll move everything I own (pretty much) back to little ole' Butler University to get started on my sophomore year of college.

I'll be moving in a week earlier than everyone else for a whole week of "newspaper bootcamp". Basically, I'm going to a week long conference on how to not screw up be a good newspaper journalist. 

Since I'm going to be the Promotions Director for the Butler Collegian this year, I won't be writing a ton but I'll still be pumpin out an article a week & planning all of The Collegian's events. 

I'm pretty stoked.

Even more than I'm excited for a week long of photography & writing, I'm excited to be a Sophomore. 

Some girls told me last year that being a Sophomore is the worst possible feeling. They said nothing is new, it's all stale & you're stuck in the rut of not being a freshman, not being a senior & having nothing to look forward to. (AKA: graduation)

Well I'm tellin those girls to stick it where the sun don't shine because I'm about to have the best year of my life & I mean it.

I'm not intimidated by the big school & although I'm sad to leave my momma, I do love living in my own space.

 I have established friends & am about to make more and I won't ever have to be feeling lonely. 

I have a million & one awesome opportunities coming up this year & I've worked at the daycare all summer so hopefully my immune system is built up & I won't be so sick the first few months.

Packing on top of swim lessons, babysitting, photographing & training for a 5K on the other hand, I'm not so excited about. 

I haven't even started & my whole life is supposed to be boxed up in less than a week.

I guess all good things come with work.



Miss Chelsea said...

Sophomore year isn't that bad... you're old enough to know your way around and stuff, but young enough to not yet be burnt out on college in general!!

Caitlin said...

So exciting! And the people that told you sophomore year is terrible was wrong. I think it's better than freshman year because you have a better handle on the college life and you really start getting into classes that actually relate to your major! Enjoy this year!