Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Ode to My Buddy

Dear Diaper,

If I tried to tell you how much I loved you, I couldn't.

If I tried to tell you how many nights you've comforted me when you were the only thing that could, I couldn't do that either.

Thank you for being my companion from the time I was just learning to fall asleep on my own, to when I moved to college all alone.

You may be a little boy-ish, you may have the name of a dirty thing even though you're a small cloth blankie & you may be a bit embarrassing when I take you in the dorm & to sleepovers, but I don't care because you aren't my dirty little secret. I'm not ashamed of you; I'm proud.

Diaper, I hope you know you'll always have a special place in my heart ........ & in my bed

You're the best cuddle buddy a girl could ask for.


ps. Do you think my future husband might question you? I hope not.



Caitlin said...

Oh I love this! You aren't the only college girl with a blankie.. we all need some comfort! And I love your last line.. let's hope that by the time I find a husband I can kick the need for the blanket out. ha!

Miss Chelsea said...

Hahah oh you are crackin me up! I always snuggle up with a blanket (not any particular one, just a soft one) and HJ has learned that when he stays over I still prefer my blanket and will make sure I have it before falling asleep! A good man will love you and your diaper!

Amanda said...

I can't get past this amazing name of your buddy! I renamed my "buddy" "bubby" when I was little, so now that is what my two call theirs. I still have mine by the way. And my kids love seeing it and putting it with theirs on my bed!

Laura said...

I never had a blanket but I always loved teddy bears. I continued to sleep with one until after my first kid. I woke one night laying on my back and freaking out because I couldn't remember bringing my baby into bed with me and was wondering how it got on my chest! Then I realized it was just my teddy and decided that it was probably time to get rid of it haha.

Aubree said...

haha love it. im so married, andddddddd i of course still sleep with my alphabet blanket. hes never even said a word about it :)