Friday, August 5, 2011


Happy Friday, lovely friends of mine.  Wasn't it just Monday yesterday? Anyway, I was tired last night & I just had lots of little things on my mind so I'm doing my first ever edition of Tidbits.


I ran a mile & a half last night & then walked it again with my friend. The feeling of running after dark when everything is quiet & it's cooled down is one of the best feelings, I think. I ran hard & felt my legs get sore along with my abs & I felt strong. It's a good feeling.


& then we warmed up leftover pizza & ate it. 

After dinner.



Every time our dogs come in from going outside, they get a treat. Yes, every time. That's why we have one very overweight dog & also why we're constantly letting them in & out, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, last night I let my favorite dog in & gave her a treat but when I did I must've left the cabinet door open to where the treats are because when I came back I saw her head poked into the cabinet sniffing like a crazy dog. It was doggy-freakin-jackpot.

& you know what? I didn't even stop her for awhile. 

She's old, she doesn't get much adventure & she doesn't even want to play with her toys anymore so i'll be damned if I was going to ruin the little excitement she got from finding the cabinet door left open.

It also made my heart smile.

It's the little things.


Today marks the 4th anniversary since my Nana went to heaven. I know she's happier there but I'd give anything for one more night of playing go-fish & coloring. I miss her so much & will never stop wishing she were still here.

I'm doing my first family photo shoot today & am SO excited about it. 

Like stupid excited.


I could probably ramble for another few paragraphs about nothing but I'll leave it at that. Have a super fun weekend! 


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Miss Chelsea said...

Aw your poor dog, probably had the time of her life!!