Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Real Me.

I was talking to one of my blog friends who has quickly become a real life friend the other day & we were discussing how different some people are on their blogs, versus how they are in real life. 
It's really surprising to find out that someone who seems like a total sweetheart on their blog is actually a big bully at work, or that someone who's always really put together in their blog pics only dresses up for the pictures & wears sweatpants the rest of the time. (not that, it's a bad thing to wear sweatpants all the time. If you do, you go girl! (or guy))
Anyway, you catch my drift.
Finding out that a blogger isn't who they seem like they are in their writing is both disappointing & annoying. It makes me want to stop reading, honestly.
I'd rather you tell me you ate a big burrito & shit your brains out all night (sorry mom) than read a story about how went to dinner at Fogo De Chao only to finish the night with a horse drawn carriage ride and a bubble bath. Especially if you really went to Qdoba & were losin' it in the bathroom. You know?
That being said, I think I'm pretty real on this little blog.
Now of course, I don't put the worst of the worst out here for you to read because that's just silly, but I am pretty honest. 
I've been told I text the way I talk so I'm sure I blog the way I talk too. 
Meeting one of my readers in real life & having them say they expected something totally different is one of my worst nightmares. I mean, I've never thought about it because this is how I am in real life, but if it happened I'd be pretty sad. 
So, since I'm being so real, here are 10 things you just might not know about me (and may wish you never did):
1.)  I take anxiety medicine & my entire family is grateful for that little pill because oh my goodness the mood swings when I'm not on it. I take the smallest dose but you know, they say good things come in small packages & I think I agree.
2.) I'm probably a good 15 lbs. heavier than I'd like to be, but I'm also pretty comfortable in my skin most of the time.
3.)  An unorganized living space makes me insane. See number #1.
4.)  I cannot sit still for movies unless I'm in a theatre & have no option & then most of the time, I fall asleep.
5.)  I've been in an on & off relationship since 8th grade & it's tough. that's all I'll say about that.
6.) I work a lot of odd jobs. I babysit, photograph, teach swim lessons, clean, etc. Basically, I'll do anything to make a buck & I've sure as hell never let a holiday or birthday slip by without my family members having a lot from me. It's just something I feel is important.
7.)  I'm very independent. To a fault. I'll go like days without hanging out with anyone & then realize I'll have no friends if I don't make it a priority to make them feel needed.
8.) I've always seen myself getting married young & having a little family, which is kind of contradictory of #7, but all of the sudden, the thought of having to answer to a husband or family freaks me the eff out. I'm actually kind of proud of that fact because for a while, I freaked myself out by being so okay with settling down early.
9.) My calves don't fit in any cute fall boots. Which is maybe why I should think more about #2.
10.) Last night I taught swim lessons, went to target with my mom & packed up my stuff for school & I'm 100% content. see #7.
How do you feel now that you know 10 not-so-attractive things about me? 
I hope it makes you feel good & know me better because that's what I want - readers who feel like they can connect with the real me, not the me I've created for my blog.



Laura said...

I can't stand blogs that are all fluff, fluff, fluff, I love life and my husband and everything is sunshine and roses and nothing is ever out of balance or wrong in my life. BORING! Not real at all.

I like transparent people. I like people who are the same everywhere and with everyone.

I always say that the way I am online is the way I am in life. I hate pretending. It's exhausting.

And your list of ten... makes me feel normal. :)

Alex Byer said...

Girl. Those are NOT not-so-attractive things. They're normal things! Things most (if not all) of us go through.

And: my calves also do not fit into most fall boots. I have to shove them into the zipper ones. And the ones you pull on?! Forget about it. I have to stretch them out to fit over my massive calves. We measured them the other day, and they're bigger than my boyfriend's. Oy.

Miss Chelsea said...

I'm so on board with you on 7, 8 & 9!

And wish I could tell you I had qdoba last night and am feeling it today because that would be funny, however i just ate sushi with a girlfriend and am 19lbs bloated today thanks to all the salty edamame that I can't say no to =)

Caitlin said...

I. love. this. post. I CAN'T STAND reading blogs and knowing that someone is being completely fake.. it's happened lately with a girl I know IRL that blogs too and it just bugs me! And I hope that these aren't not-so-attractive things because I could have written each and every one myself. Minus the whole getting married young thing.
Whenever I read your blog I think you seem very really, so don't you worry! ps- I may be stealing this post idea soon! ha!

Heather said...

I'm new to blogging and saw your blog on "From Mrs. to Mama" and thought I'd say hi! :) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and couldn't agree with you MORE! I can definitely relate to you because I, too, take medicine for anxiety and appreciate organization. Go us. :) Take care, and keep the great posts coming!