Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few good things

Happy Wednesday, beauties!

Life is so, so good around here. I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I guess time flies when you're having fun.

A few good things happened yesterday I'd like to share:

1.) I got an amazing deal on a gorgeous purse. Nordstrom had its semi-annual sale a month or so ago & I found a Kate Spade handbag I loved on huge sale. I've been wanting a nice purse & the one I found was a great timeless classic. Since I loved it so much & it was more than $100 less than retail, my mom bought it for me to hold for Christmas. 

Well today, I was on Twitter & saw that Kate Spade was having a huge sample sale. I knew I had the bag already waiting for me in my mom's closet, but I decided to check out the sale. Low & behold, there my purse was for $100 even less than the sale price we got it for at Nordstrom. 

Surprisingly, I found another, bigger purse I liked better & the matching wallet. Would you believe the 2 together were even less than the price we paid for the one at the Nordstrom sale? They were.

I called up my momma and she agreed to send back the other one & purchase the beautiful duo. The rest is history. The beauties are mine. Well, at Christmas they're mine.

ps. The sale doesn't end until tomorrow so if you're in the market for a new, beautiful handbag, Go

2.) I signed up for photography classes. Last week, I had my first ever graphic design class & while the professor was introducing himself, he told us he got his graduate degree in fine art photography & now owns his own studio here in Indianapolis. I stalked his gorgeous work during that class & saw that he offers photography workshops at his studio for everything from the beginner to the pro. After class, I emailed him telling him I'm beginning to dabble in photography, but have a lot to learn & would love to have a schedule of the classes. & guess what? He emailed me back saying I could take any of the classes for free!!! You better believe I'm all over that & will be starting right away. I called the studio today & signed up for classes next week. I feel so blessed.

3.) I played soccer with a bunch of friends on Butler's mall. A bunch of us went to dinner at the cafeteria together & after finishing, started talking about what we were going to do tonight. Someone suggested going to rent a soccerball from our resident hall front desk & the rest is history. We played for almost 2 hours and I am beat. It was a blast!

This kid? The son of the sheriff on Sweet Home Alabama. Crazy

4.) We had Cheesecake Factory cheesecake at our FIR's apartment. I'm not sure if it's common for other schools to do this, but Butler places faculty within the resident halls who live there & plan events. They're called the Faculty in Residence ... or the FIR. Ours is a guy who teaches Biology & Chemistry and lives in a 2 story with his wife & 2 kids. Tonight, the family had everyone over for a cheesecake social. We all went together after playing soccer. Can anyone say counter-productive? Oh well, it was delicious! 

I'm having such a love affair with college right now - sophomore year is definitely amazing. I hope it never stops.



Aubree said...

SO glad youre loving it!! Sophomore year was my FAVORITE year. Id give anything to go back :)

SkyMommy said...

Ooh! Love those purses. Good job finding the sample sale too. Two beautiful purses always better than one beautiful purse.