Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Photo Shoot

If you know me, you know I love babies & bellies and everything in between - which is why I was so excited when Brittany at Germama! asked me to do a family/maternity shoot.

Yesterday was the big day. 

It seems that I always start doubting my abilities before I go to a shoot but as always, once I got there & got some good shots in, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome. 

Brittany and her husband Ralf and daughter Rory all did a great job for me - even if it took "chocolate beans" for Rory to love it. That's okay. We're not above bribing here.

Brittany has the most adorable belly & I can't wait to take newborn pictures when the baby arrives very soon! 



Casey said...

I love these! So precious!

Brittany said...

Love them all!! My family has been raving about them since I shared on Facebook :)