Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation part 2

Like I said in the first post I wrote about vacation, the fun really started on Wednesday last week.

Do you have some family members that are just fun on a whole other level? Or maybe crazy on a whole other one? We do.  & Wednesday is when they came.

.Huge family on the beach.


.Holes: beach version.

My mom's oldest sister is 20 years older than her & therefore, has a daughter who's only 2 years younger than my mom, my cousin, Suzie. 

Suzie is a party planner. It's what she loves to do. & I'm not talking like put on a little music and have a cookout, no ... I'm talking themed, games, coordinating food, the works.

Since 7 of the 21 family members who were at the beach with us have birthdays in July, it's the perfect time for Suzie to plan a party & that's what happens every year.

Not to mention, she has 3 girls who are seriously off the hook. 

One of my cousins who isn't related to them looked at me on the beach on Wednesday & said, "if you wanted to start your own reality show, you wouldn't even have to do anything. Your family is enough!" & it's true.

The party was vintage boardwalk themed so we played hot potato, bingo & rubber duck pull all before the corn dogs, popcorn & cupcakes came out. We listened to beach music & sang happy birthday.


.Pretty cousins.

The party is cheesy overload every year & the youngest family members are 14 now & even they know it's a little silly now, but as cheesy as it is, we all have a lot of fun & make great memories.

.Mom & Brother.

 More great stuff happened (I shopped! A lot) Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday but you'll hear about it in part 3! 


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Cameron said...

SO sad I missed all this :( silly workkkk