Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Healthy little beach bunny

A good tan makes me feel so much prettier than normal & beach week is prime for that!

I used to lay out with just oil & fry to a crisp day after day but this year I decided to do it the safe way - I used sunscreen! 

No, I'm not as dark as I normally am but I'm also not red & peeling so I'm chalkin' up as a win.

If you're like me & like a good tan but would rather not be wrinkly in a few years or worse, end up with skin cancer, take my advice!

We all know the skin on our faces is much more sensitive than that on our bodies, but do you consider that when putting on sunscreen? You should!

If you want to be dark but don't want your face to burn, using 2 different sunscreens is the way to go.

I used Aveeno SPF 55 on my face


& Hawaiian Tropic SPF 15 on my body last week.


I didn't get burnt even once! 

Don't forget about your kissers! Burnt lips are the absolute worst & the sunscreen for your face isn't enough to protect them from getting that way.

Sure, you can pick up a cheap little stick of lip sunscreen, but if you're looking for a more luxurious option, try Trish McEvoy lipgloss with SPF 15. 

SPF 15 doesn't seem like much but it's all I used on my lips all week & I'm burnt-lips-free! 

A good tan is fun, Melanoma isn't; wear your sunscreen! 



Laura said...

It's amazing how much better having a tan makes me feel. I've been using spf4 when we go to the lake... just enough to keep the burn off but let me come away with more tan. I think it all depends on your skin. And where you are at. I'm in PA. If I was going to a beach in FL I would wear 15... or 30.

Amanda said...

I have gotten so hard core about wearing sunscreen now. When we go on vacay I wear 30 at least. I just keep telling myself that it is healthier and also will keep my skin less wrinkle-free ;) And I really do still get enough color to make me happy!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Ali! I'm your newest follower, and I'm really enjoying reading your blog so far. Can't wait to get more caught up :)