Monday, July 11, 2011

I'd take another hit if I could ...

Well our week of sand & sun is over and it’s back to the ole’ grind but I refuse to lose the beach high just yet. 

Every single day started slowly with breakfast whether it be m&m’s or oatmeal (hi weight watchers! We’re meeting again this week!) & included walks, naps & playing on the beach. 
Some nights we went out to dinner & some we stayed in, but we always ended them with 8 people cozied up in a 4 bedroom house. 
Everyone in that little beach house had a super tough year - us dealing with Granddad & Alzheimer’s, my cousins having 3 deaths in their immediate family & moving - and everyone really needed the break.
I know I’m leaving refreshed & I’m sure everyone else feels the same. 
Just like the salty water clears my sinuses when it gets in my mouth or nose, the sea breeze clears my head. It’s magical.

We got to the beach on Saturday afternoon & the first few days there were really lazy. We ate dinner at home & didn’t go anywhere except the creamery for ice cream one night.
Tuesday night, we picked my mom’s boyfriend, Donnie, up from the airport to come share the rest of the week with us & as I expected, he was a total hit! Anyone who doesn’t love him is heartless, I think. 
Wednesday night is when the fun really started, but I’ll save that for another post ...
I hope your last week was as great as mine! Happy Monday! 


Miss Chelsea said...

sounds like the perfect week

krystal said...

did i ever mail you my address for the bracelet, my mind is mush and i cant remember!

Unknown said...

Sounds great!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hope you really enjoyed your trip!