Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest Post: "Top 10 Secrets Of A Working Gal"

I talked the other day about how when I started reading blogs, I read a ton of mommy-blogs & I still do. 

What I didn't tell you is that the very first blog I read is, "The Heir to Blair".  

From Blair's curly-blond-headed boy Harry, to her openness about her struggle with PPD, from her talks about sex to the ones about poop, I love them all & most of all? I love her. 

She has like 80 million followers & yet, she emailed me back about how to enlarge pictures on Blogger a year ago when I didn't know a damn thing about all of this. 

On top of being a fabulous blog writer, a really great cupcake baker & a baby & husband lover, Blair works full-time & rocks it.

I can barely manage to get to my 12:30 job at the daycare every day, let alone get to work every single day bright & early after a long morning commute with a husband & a baby. 

I figured a lot of us are in the same boat, so I asked her for some tips & she certainly didn't disappoint. 


Secret #1:  You will not come out of school making six figures unless you're that loony Zuckerberg kid or a pharmaceuticals genius. If you have a recreation degree, I can promise you that golf courses are not waving their nine-irons & begging you to come work for them for a cool $60,000 per year.  Of course, it's all relevant to cost of living but for the most part, appreciate a job that will allow you to split rent on a nice apartment, pay the light bill, & put more than Pabst Blue Ribbon in your fridge.

Secret #2:  Enjoy that money! After splitting rent & utilities & paying my gym fee, I had about $600 of play money leftover at the end of every month.  & boy, did I play.  I bought Kate Spade bags & beautiful Ann Taylor silk dresses full-price.  I bought cocktails at dinner instead of going the cheaper route with beer.  I spent way to much money getting my hair cut.  I do not regret a single moment of it because for one year, I really lived it up.  Now I have a mortgage & diapers & Curious George DVDs, but I love to think back to that carefree year.

Secret #3:   Most people jump ship on their first job after only six months. But if you can stick it out, your loyalty will look badass on a resume.  In a few casual networking conversations I've had, most people are impressed that a) I stuck with the same company for six years & b) I've been promoted within that company.

Secret #4:  No promotions?  No raises?  GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE. If you're interviewing & they comment that staff tenure is incredible, smile politely & thank them for their time.  Then RUN.  You want to be somewhere with upward mobility or (at the very least) mobility in the position or you'll get bored.  Boredom with a job = frustration & anger & unhappiness.

Secret #5:  Get a nice suit. For all that is holy & good, do not wear a sundress & cardigan to an interview.  It's not a summer wedding & you're not mingling over a glass of bubbly.  If you're going to pick up an application, throw on a pair of slacks & for God's sakes, bring your own pen.

Secret #6:  A suit doesn't have to be boring. My favorite has taffeta ruffles on the back & at the wrists of the blazer, which makes me feel deliciously girly.  I also have a gorgeous yellow blazer that I pair with a black pencil skirt to add a little flavor to my wardrobe.

Secret #7:  If you liked it then you should have put a stamp on it. Write a thank-you letter after an interview.  NO, NOT AN EMAIL.  Walk your ass to Target, get a stack of stationary, & do it the old-fashioned way.  Thank them for their time & consideration.

Secret #8:  Buy donuts. I mean, not necessarily.   But court your coworkers - remember birthdays, bring in random treats of cupcakes or homemade bread.  Ask them about their vacations, tell them their kids are cute.  Did the controller help you dig up a forgotten password in the middle of her busy day?  Stick your head in her office & with a smile, thank her again for taking the time.  The hard truth is that you spend more time with your coworkers than your family, so you better find a way to get along.

Secret #9:  Be able to admit you're wrong. You're going to lie more than you ever thought possible in the work force - didn't pick up your phone because you didn't want to deal with that client?  "Oops, I'm sorry!  I was on the other line with another client!"  The amount of bullshit that will spew from your lips will astound you, but be sure you know where the line is drawn.  When you're wrong, say you're wrong.  & when you say you're wrong?  Say you're sorry, too.  Everyone makes mistakes & owning up to them with an apology goes a long way.  (also?  bring donuts)

Secret #10:  Learn Reply versus Reply All. When your boss sends an email with event dates & you want to tell your coworker that you'd rather have forks in your left eyeball than schmooze with the old geezer that drools?  Make sure it's not going to your boss, too.  That's just...humiliating.  & you might lose your job, which means you can't buy Kate Spade, which is just a travesty.


For God's sake, remember #10!

Thanks Blair!


Mrs. Mama said...

GREAT secrets! She sounds like a great person. I'm going to go check her out!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I laughed through this entire post!!! Love your blog, "Blair" :)