Sunday, May 15, 2011

While the cat's away ...

... The mice will play.

My mom is in Miami with some friends for the week. She left last night & won't be back till Friday. 

She sent me this today. The view from the balcony.

Normal teenagers would be like, "Parents on vacation? RAAAGGGEEEE!" but not me. Well, okay maybe a little raging but mostly, I plan on organizing the sh** out of this house.

My mom is a bit of a pack-rat & I'm a bit OCD. The two don't mix. 

I'm talking, Easter's ham was still in the refrigerator because someone might still eat it & it was still good. No. If no one has touched it since Easter, they're not going to. 

Today, I emptied out, whiped down & re-organized the pantry & refrigerator. 



& she wasn't even all up in my business trying to go through the trash and pick stuff back out. 

Tomorrow I might tackle the cabinets and get the outside furniture out if the weather is nice. 

 Regardless, this house is going to be organized to a T when Deb returns.



Jen said...

I have to tell you...that sounds like so much fun to me! If we lived near one another you'd have a partner in crime! My friends think I am crazy because I show up at their houses and clean!!!

Sunshine and Lavender said...

when you are done, please come down to my house. I need someone to go through all our garage sale stuff. I hate doing that!