Monday, May 16, 2011

Dream Job.

I can't remember when I started wanting to own my own boutique. 

I remember the first time I went to one was when my mom and I went to Ft. Myers together for Spring Break when I was in 8th grade, so maybe then. 

Maybe I didn't get out much when I was little? I think it's more that we didn't really have the money to buy boutique-priced things then & I don't think they were as popular then.

The one I went to in Ft. Myers was adorable as you could expect. There was a lot of vintage furniture around the store that held all kinds of cute clothing I had never seen anywhere else before. 

Now that I'm writing this, I'm pretty sure that's when my love for boutiques began.

Ever since then, I've shopped at local boutiques as much as I can because I love the uniqueness they offer. 

One day, as I was driving back to Butler from home, I saw a super cute sign that said, "Lottie Dottie" & naturally, I had to go in. 

The shop was fabulous & I got a really nice dress there that you might remember seeing on here in March. 

I quickly found the store on Facebook & "Liked" it so I could see the new shipments that come in 2 or 3 times a week. Seriously dangerous.

When it became evident that I wasn't going to find a paid internship for the summer, I started wondering if maybe Lottie Dottie would need a PR/Promo intern but it was during finals time so I kind of put it off.

But, low & behold, just days later, the owner, Brooke, put up a status on Facebook saying Lottie Dottie was looking for interns.

The rest is history. 

I'm now the PR/Marketing intern for the store and already in love with it. 

& the best part? You too can "Like" Lottie Dottie on Facebook & see the new shipments we get each week.

If you see something you like, just write on the wall or underneath the picture & we will ship it to you for free!!

It's easy peasy & I promise, you won't be disappointed! 

Here are some things in store now: 



Kenli said...

i just checked it out - SO CUTE! we have one where i'm from called lyla's and it's just like that. your prices are MUCH more reasonable though. i might have to talk to mom ;) what a fun job!

Sunshine and Lavender said...

super cute! Love that last dress :) So happy you got an internship that makes you happy!

Leah said...

What an awesome opportunity- and what cute clothes! :)