Friday, May 6, 2011

Home again, Home again!

When I was little, every time we'd pull in the driveway my dad would say, "home again, home again, clippidy-clop". 

& here I am. 

Home again, home again. 

I'm laying in bed watching Hooda & Kathy-Lee - my favorite summer, morning routine. 

I shouldn't be laying here considering my room is FULL of stuff and I haven't even started unpacking my Pathfinder yet which is completely-can't see out the windows-full.

But you know what?? I'm DONE with my freshman year of college & I worked hard so I'm telling myself that if I want to lay here for a skinny minute, I can. 

Plus, I have all summer to work on that room. It'll still be there tomorrow & the next day & the next if I don't get to it today (but that wont happen because that would make me a little insane). 

Tomorrow, I get to go see my Granddad at the nursing-home who is supposedly talking in understandable sentences again & even reading!! 

I didn't get to see him much while I was in school since his nursing-home is so far away but last summer I was with him a lot & that time I spent with him was so special. 

Seeing him not be able to talk and just stare at me with glassy eyes, as he has been doing the last 6 months, broke my heart so I'm hoping that when I see him tomorrow, he will be talkative & know who I am. We will see!


My brother is graduating from college tomorrow!! He's not going to walk in the ceremony since they don't even walk at I.U., they just stand when their name is called & he didn't want to do it, but you better believe there's gonna be a party!! 

On Sunday, my momma & I are spending the day with my friend Nikki & her mom, who is one of my mom's good friends too, & we're going to the Zappo's outlet.

I know, my wallet is already screaming.

Well, I think it's time I get my booty out of this bed & start making progress on that room of mine but I want to leave you with this vase I'm totally in love with. I need one or two of them & you probably do too.

& for only $28, I actually could have one or two!

Ps. This vase is from Anthropologie but for some reason ever since I've downloaded the new blogger thing, I can't copy & paste a link into the link box. Normally it's not a big deal but the link to this vase is so long. Any suggestions?


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