Sunday, May 8, 2011

For every single mama out there ...

I could go on and on and on about my mom today but I brag on her all the time & you guys know how I feel about her.

& more importantly, this day is about more than just my mom. It's about every single mom in the world.

I've been thinking about this for a while now. 

Almost every day, I read blogs from moms who are trying so hard to be the best mom they can be & they're doing an awesome job of it.

I read about moms who wake up early & go to bed late, who plan special birthday parties for their kids before they will even remember them because they love them that much, who spend a lot of time thinking about & planning meals for their kids because it helps them to be healthy.

I read about moms who kneel beside the bathtub every night even though it hurts their backs because bath time is fun.

 I read about moms who struggle with disciplining their kids because as much as it hurts, it's necessary.

& since I've been reading these blogs & really thinking about all of the awesome moms out there, I've decided that behind every good person, behind every responsible, contributing citizen is a really awesome mom.

So I want to say a huge Thank You to every single mom in the world.

Thank you for doing your best to teach your kids right & wrong.

Thank you for teaching them about what's important & what things they can let go.

 Thank you for teaching them how to have fun & put their best forward all the time.

Thank you for loving your kids, for letting them know that no matter what, you're there for them.

Thank you for the huge sacrifice that is raising kids.

You're making the world a better place one bath, one story time, one dinner & one sleepless night at a time.



Leah said...

This is beautifully written! :)

Sunshine and Lavender said...

So sweet... When you are a mom you will understand how much it means to hear that from your child. ;)

Ali said...

I'm not even a mama yet but this post made me tear up :)