Monday, May 2, 2011

The end of the beginning

It seems like just yesterday I moved all of my things into this tiny dorm room ready to start my first year at Butler. 

I spent a lot of time picking out things that would go into this room, the first room that would ever be all mine.

 I chose the big poster that hung above my desk that read, "Keep calm and carry on" for the days that were sure to be overwhelming, a brushed nickel mirror to make the small space seem bigger, picture frames with carefully chosen prints & a bed spread I loved just to make this place seem like home. 

And for the last 9 months, it has been. 

Some days have dragged on and some weeks seemed like they would never end but as I lay here on this hard dorm bed, I can't believe the beginning of my college career, the beginning of my life on my own, as an adult, is really coming to an end. 

This year has been one of the most challenging yet most rewarding years of my life. 

Toogie and I barely made it 9 months without killing each other, but we learned how to co-exsist and that's what's important.

 I learned what hard school work really is and how to write and study better. 

I struggled through using a public bathroom every day to shower, which I hope I never have to do again but made me appreciate having one of my own at home all the more. 

I learned how to communicate better, to take risks and to do what's best for me. 

This year, I've had to listen to myself and really take care of me in order to survive. 

& I've had so much fun.

Oh the fun

Many nights have been spent in fraternity houses belting out songs and hanging out with friends, taking pictures and making memories that will be forever cherished, ending in sleepovers with girls packed tightly in tiny dorm rooms. 

I've gone to late-night movies just because I could and spent Saturday's shopping with girlfriends because we had nothing better to do. 

I've gone to concerts & parties, celebrated Butler's trip to the NCAA Championship and made friends that have made a huge impact on my life and will always be in it.

And as I pack up the last of my things in 3 days and move back home for the summer, I will think about how lucky I am to have gone to such a fabulous school, to have had so many opportunities & to have made the great friends I've made.

I'm grateful for the break that I'm about to have, but I can't wait to get back here & start another beginning that will probably fly by all too quickly too.

Until next year, Butler.



Amanda said...

I love how many pictures you take...I have hmmm...0 from college!! Who are you rooming with nxt year? Can you believe you have a year of COLLEGE under your belt. My girl is growing up, lmao

Leah said...

What a beautiful post! I can feel all your emotions in the words and the pictures are fun too! :)

I can't believe I'm finishing up my sophomore year - that's half way through college yikes!

Sunshine and Lavender said...

Love this post! I should send you some of my college pics, It was my britney spears phase... Well maybe I should not send them.... LOL!

Steve E said...

Have a great summer you have earned it.