Saturday, April 30, 2011


You guys know I love Saturdays & this one is not going to be any exception! I know it!

While mom & I were going for a walk last night, we spotted a garage sale that had a nearly brand new baby swing that has a mobile & swings 2 ways for only $25! 

After the walk I hopped on the phone & called my friend Meg to see if she had one & she didn't so I got up bright and early & went down to the garage sale & snatched that beauty right up.

I know Davian will love it.

I just woke up for the second time about 30 minutes ago & a massage is in my near future.

My lower back is seriously messed up from a wreck I had a couple years ago. It wasn't until about a year ago that I started having severe back pain when I sit for long periods of time and then having to stand up like an 80 year old afterwards too. 

So I go get an illiposis decompression. I'm pretty sure that's what it's called. 

It's basically where they rub my back for a while and then I turn over and breathe in super deep and then out and they shove their hands into my stomach and rub a muscle that can only be reached from there.

 It sounds more painful than it is. 

It actually helps a lot for about a month and then I need to go again.

Sometimes I feel bad about getting massages a lot because they aren't cheap but then I think that saying I need a massage when my back hurts or I'm stressed is much healthier than saying I need a drink. No? Well that's what I'm telling myself.

I'm gonna go out for a run first, you know, to mess my back up BEFORE the massage rather than after, get the massage, go tanning & head back up the BUT ... Butler ... & go to a performance by Out of The Dawg House, our men's quartet that is awesome. Oh, and our RA is paying for our tickets so it's going to be even awesomer. Yeah. Awesomer.

and then .... I'll be gettin Fratty for the last time Freshman year!!

So expect lots of Twit Pics .... just sayin'

Happy Saturday!



ashley said...

Oh how I miss college (ew I'm letting you know my age, lol)

Enjoy it and don't feel guilty for getting massages! They're such a great stress relief and it's nice to reward yourself with massages, mani/pedi verse food and alcohol. :P

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

If your back hurts, why not get a good massage? I know I would like one, particularly right now as I sit hunched over my computer. I would also suggest seeing a physical therapist to complement the massages so that you can work to strengthen your abs and stretch your back. Feels good!