Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

You might be asking yourself, "does this girl just link-up to whatever the heck she feels like every week, never sticking to one like she's supposed to?", and if you're asking yourself that, the answer is yes.

Sometimes it's Wordless, sometimes it's So What & sometimes, like this week, it's What I'm Loving.

Really, it's whatever I feel like & this week, I want to talk about this one thing that I've really been loving.

I'll give you some hints ...

It gives you support right where you need it

It picks you up when you're down (literally)

Sometimes it's fancy & sometimes it's plain

& a good fit is absolutely necessary

If you guessed Bra, you're right! 

Maybe it's just a phase or maybe it's because they're great at doin' what they do, but I get almost all of my underwear and all of my bras at Victoria's Secret. Their stuff is cute & they have so many options but sometimes they're kind of expensive. I've worn many different bras from them and I've even worn the stick-on bra before, but lately I'm really stuck on the Wear Everywhere Pink bras!

The Pink bras are much less expensive than some of Victoria's Secret's other bras & they even have a built in clip so you can make it racerback if you want. They have some that are unpadded & some that are padded so you have a few options too. 

If you're looking for something fancy, the Wear Everywhere Pink bra isn't the one for you & I'm not sure how it does on larger boobies since mine are non-existent on the small side, but for everyday, smaller girls, the Victoria's Secret Pink bra is my favorite hands down!


Kenli said...

girl - i feel your pain. i worked at vicky's for a total of 3 weeks (it was the pits) and i used to my "free bra" to get the miraculous or whatever the hell it's called. (see why i didn't last?) holy cleavage! haha. the wear everywhere is so comfy, though. the only reason i wish i still had that job is the fantastic discounts. ohhh well!

Ali said...

haha! So funny!! I'm surprised working there sucked but not surprised you didn't last with the "whatever the hell it's called bra"! You're hilarious.

Cara S. said...

I love me some VS bras, it is all I wear!! Cute post.

the mom diggity said...

I will so check out this bra after pregnancy and bfing the tiny one!! It's so tough to find a good bra! Hooray for the secret of Victoria!

OneCraftyFox said...

I recently got fitted for a bra... and was shocked to learn out I am much larger than I thought!!

Almost as shocked as when I read the title of your post below... almost... ;)