Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boy's got heart.

At the beginning of every school year, Butler has a big event called Block Party where every on-campus organization sets up a table, has representatives, hands out info & candy and has sign up sheets so that you can get on the list serve for the organization if you want. 

The sororities and fraternities always draw a big crowd but this year, one of the biggest lines was for Dawg Pound. 

Dawg Pound is Butler's student-section for all of the athletic events.

 For $20 dollars you get all of the emails about every sporting event, club cards, 2 T-shirts & the opportunity to sit in the student-section at all of the events which are free to students.

 It's a pretty good deal, so I signed up.

I also think it's awesome that the Dawg Pound encourages it's members to go to all events, not just basketball & football. 

Emails are sent out about all of the events and assigned point values. 

Games that everyone wants to go to are less points, but games that not so many people want to go to are worth more. When you go to the event, you scan your card to accumulate points.

 Then, when times like this happen, when everyone wants tickets and they are limited, those with the most points get the tickets first. It's a great incentive to get people to go support all of the events.

I was probably like the worst Dawg Pound member of all this year. I only went to one football game, Homecoming, and I just went to a handful of basketball games. I never scanned my card and I never got there early enough to sit in the student-section.

Needless to say, I'm pissed at myself.

I'm not so much mad that I didn't go to the games because the guys are doing awesome right now, but because they have more heart than any group of guys I've ever known. 

They play every single game as if they've never played one before. They never give up & so far, they've beat all of the odds. 

Nobody expected them to beat Pitt last night.

This conversation that took place today between me & one of the best players on the team completely encompasses "the Butler way" and the nature of every single one of the guys on the court:

Me: "Did you sleep okay or were you too fired up?"

Him: "Noooo I slept terrible!" 

Me: "I bet!"

Him: "We got up at 6:30 this morning!"

Me: "oh man. I bet you're exhausted!"

Him: "Yep but I'm going to coach practice right now"

Me: "You're a crazy guy"

Him: "I love what I do :) "

They weren't in bed before 1 and were up at 6:30, but he's still going to coach some high schoolers because he loves what he does.

& that's the most important thing about these guys. Yeah, they're killin it out there right now. But they deserve it. They work hard every single game, every single practice & play with more heart and class than any other team I've seen.

& for that? I'm so proud to be a Butler Bulldog.



KillerKaro said...

Congrats on the win!!
Butler officially took my bracket to march sadness last night :(

Anonymous said...

That game was super exciting, and they did an awesome job (even if I did have Pitt winning everything). It gives me another chance to see that hot coach...I mean awesome players again!

christine donee said...

awesome! It was such an incredible game to watch - even if it did screw up my bracket a bit ha.

Leah said...

how awesome! I'm cheering for butler in my march madness bracket - I didn't realize you went there! :) I love basketball season, but my school didn't make it in the tourney, bummer. Maybe next year! haha.