Friday, January 28, 2011

My Net

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton, did a post yeserday about her "net", the girls that she knows that she can call on when she's strugglin' & even better, when she wants to celebrate something great.

I think it's important to remember that "net".

One of the things I did at the beginning of the summer last year, was make a long list of girls I could hang out with if I got bored. Anxiety for me, means that sometimes I think I have no friends even though, obviously, I do.

That list?

It helped tremendously.

& every single girl on the list, in the "net", deserves to be there & deserves to be recognized here

.Ali. Morgan.

.Rachel. Erica.

.Korie. Ellen.

.Cinthia. Emily.

 .Toogie. Jessie.

.Chrissy. Courtney.

.Nikki. Morgan.

.Devin. Katie.

Wow. Do I have a beautiful group of friends or what??

The best part is, they're all just as beautiful inside as they are out.

All different, but special in their own ways & all a huge part of my life.

Thanks for being in my net girls. 
You're loved.

Who's in your net & how do you celebrate them?

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