Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

I was going to go to Ball State to visit friends this weekend, but after such a long bout with being sick & starting to feel better, I didn't want to sabotage it by doing whatever college kids do on the weekend. So I went home.

& this weekend? Fall met the Hendricks house. It was lovely.

This weekend was Ethnic Expo in Columbus, a big festival with lots of good food from many different ethnicities.
Kyle also came home this weekend so we all headed downtown Friday night & packed in the calories.

Kyle got food from the African American booth, I got a gyro and mom got food from the Philippines. We headed to the dessert tent afterwards of course.

My mom has been so busy taking care of my cousin, grandpa, & uncle & working full time that she hasn't even had time to plant the mums she has had sitting on the porch for three weeks now.

I woke up Saturday morning in high gear! First I went out & raked up all of the leaves & carried them out to the curb. Then I got the mums planted & put a halloween sign on the front door. I cleaned up the house & then began running errands.
Two Autumn scented candles, 5 pumpkins and a grocery trip later, I came back & finished on the house & put on a crock-pot of apple cider.

Planting Mums is tough work & messy too!

Drew & I took food out to my uncle because he was sick & then came back to my house and hung out with some friends, ate good food, drank hot cider & watched a movie.

The clean, fall decorated house felt fabulous.

On Sunday, I got up & ate breakfast with my mom, got ready, visited my dad, went to Drew's grandparent's 50th anniversary party, got a pedicure, took a nap & headed back to school.

It was a whirlwind weekend, but it was a great one filled with family & friends & time to get some things done that I know make my mom feel really great.

How was your weekend?
How are you preparing for fall?


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love fall! I had a wonderful fall weekend as well me and brian went to the aventt brothers concert friday night, movie night sat, and hung out in raleigh sunday. Miss you dear! love Morgan

Ali Hendricks said...

I miss you!! Love you girl.