Thursday, October 7, 2010


Facebook: the place where people can post their frustrations without even thinking about it!
I just recently saw a Facebook fight go down between three grown women which I was absolutely appalled by. All three women are over the age of 30 & I would venture to say - have much better things to be doing besides arguing over who almost hit who in the car line at a local elementary school.

The first lady, A woman I know from church & is active in it, posted something like this on her status two days ago: "All I have to say is when someone is trying to back up, don't pull up right behind them and then freak out and say you were afraid they were going to hit your new car. Get a Life!! Grow up!!!! and LEARN TO FREAKIN DRIVE!!! " When I saw such an unnecessarily vicious and equally ridiculous post a lot of things ran through my mind but mostly I just thought wow. Someone's having a bad day.

The next day, the lady who had apparently done the pulling up behind the first lady commented back with something like this, "I was confused about what you were doing so I pulled out of the car line. I'm sorry but I didn't want you to hit our new vehicle. & I assure you I'm a fantastic driver. Have a nice day!"

This whole rendezvous had me squirming in my seat a little, however, I wasn't prepared for what came next: comments from the first lady's friends like, "LMAO" and "LOL" and "I can see how you two wouldn't get along seeing how you're an Aquarius and she's a freakin' idiot!"

I decided I needed to say something when one of the friends called the second lady a "cyber stalker" for reposting her first comment that had been deleted & went on to say something along the lines of, "forget cyber stalker, I think we have a mental illness here."

Too. Freakin. Far. Lady. I know both the lady who posted the Facebook status & the one who was behind the wheel of the second car & it pained me to see such an immature fight going on. In the most diplomatic way I knew how, I commented on that post and asked the friend of the first lady how she could call someone a freakin' idiot without even knowing them & also told her how immature and also insensitive I feel like it is to joke about someone having a mental illness. Some things just aren't funny. As you can imagine, that went over well. She commented back with, "oh I see she got a little friend to stick up for her" are you kidding me woman? I said no, I have just been "cyber stalking" this for a few days and saw it getting worse & felt like maybe I could offer some unbiased opinion. Finally, the lady was a little bit nicer & the first lady deleted the post all together (what should have been done a long time ago).

After seeing such a ridiculously immature fight go down, I thought it was time to say something. Facebook is not Facebitch. It is not a place to rant & it's especially not a place to say things to other people that you wouldn't say to their faces. I think it's time that we all choose our words a little more carefully & think twice about what we post before we post it. & if you wanna say stuff like that? Fine. do it. In your own. personal. journal.

What's the most ridiculous thing you've seen on facebook & have you ever confronted someone about it?


Megan said...

Blog award! Congratulations :)

Brittany said...

I have one person in particular who, pretty much every day and sometimes several times in a day, posts statuses about how people treat her like crap, or vague "is so done" so sad, so upset... just to get people to ask whats wrong. Need attention much???

Anonymous said...

Very insightful blog........