Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Matchbook Creative Contest

Ok guys, I need your opinions.

Yesterday, I got a message on Facebook from a friend of mine who works at a local advertising agency, Matchbook Creative.
Matchbook is hosting their first ever, "Fall into Creativity", a creativity contest. One can enter a photograph, drawing, painting, card collection - anything.

The entry fee? is just one non-perishable food item to be donated to a local food bank, Gleaners.
How easy is that??

So anyway, before I got the message last night, I had gone on a walk to take pictures and begin looking for things for next week's scavenger hunt.

Except, next week's items are a lot more challenging than they have been in the past, so I didn't find a lot of them, but I found myself just snapping pictures of everything that caught my eye.

Consequently, when I got the message, although the contest isn't until November 5th, I had lots of options to choose from already.

& although it's not really a super serious contest - more of a charity thing, I thought I would ask your opinion on this picture & then what you thought of the different touch-up techniques so here we go:

I could use just the plain one:

or I could use the "1960" one:

or I could use the cinema scoped one:

or I could use the boosted one:

or, I could always wait & find another one.

What do you think?
Which one should I use, or should I just find another one?

also, if you'd like more information about the Matchbook Creative, "Fall in to Creativity" contest, check here.
What better way to support a food bank than through a fun, creative outlet?

& Lastly, I'd like to apologize to Megan over at Life's a Dance for not recognizing the fact that last Saturday? SHE GAVE ME MY FIRST BLOG AWARD!! Megan is an absolutely fabulous girl - sweet & adorable & her blog follows suit.
Thank you Megan, it's quite the honor to get an award from you ... I may or may not pass this on, but if I was the one giving away the award at first, I would've totally given one to you too.
Keep rockin' girl!

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Anonymous said...

cinema scoped one definitely!!!