Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have been slacking on blogging & I have an excuse - my camera is broken. Like seriously, when I can't use my camera to inspire blog posts, I have zero inspiration at all.

It's not really my camera that's broken - its the memory card. My mac told me a hundred times not to eject my camera without pushing the eject button on the computer & of course I didn't so now I have a Sony Cybershot that keeps saying, "reinsert memory card." Even though it's in there right. Frustrating.
Also, on the budget of a college student I can't afford to just run out and buy a new memory card right away. & Deb (aka: mom) for some reason, says that after paying tuition she just doesn't want to contribute to the "Ali needs extras" fund. I know, weird.

Anyway, I just want to apologize for not being my normal, picture crazy - creative blogger with a promise that I will put out at least one good & creative post this week & I'm going to try to get a memory card next week.

XOXO lovies.

Ps. If anyone has any ideas about how to fix the camera by all means, let me know!

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